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My Favorite Teacher ou Ma Professeur Préférée

Mine was my French teacher at St. Mary’s High School in New Haven, Connecticut.  Sister Pierre was tall, charming, beautiful, and “word on the street” was that she had been Miss Michigan in the Miss America pageant  before she became a nun.
I loved her because she made me feel brilliant in French—she believed in us all so much, and gave us incredible confidence to believe in ourselves, and the desire to love French and the French culture. By the second or third year, we spoke only French during class.
She made us feel special.
Beyond a wonderful classroom experience, Sister Pierre “gifted” me with a lifelong love of French artists like Monet and Degas, Debussy’s music, haute couture, and French food.
With my classes, I have always sought to emulate Sister Pierre’s love for, and confidence in, her students.


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